In 2014 Marius & Steenkiste were invited by Silken Tofu to perform for 4 hours in a bunker in Ostend that was part of the Atlantikwall. For the performance they used an Elka analog synth, harmonium, shurti box, electric tampura and two 4-track tape recorders. The first 4-track recorded everything and each full tape would move on to the second 4-track to be added to the live-mix and in that way feeding back into the new recordings of what was happening live.

Atlantikwall is a document of that day created with the recordings that were made during the performance. The sounds move from Early Minimalism to Indian raga and from Scottish piobaireachd music to wailing bunker noise.

Below you can grab to recording for free, but if you like, you can throw a buck in the hat. But the most important thing is to dive in DEEP and play this LOUD! Hope you’ll enjoy!

May Action

May 15, 2015

Two shows coming up in May. First up is the second duo show with my good pal Simon Marius who will be rocking his Elka synth into the stratosphere on the Boskamp Festival in Antwerp. The day after I’m playing a solo set on the Moving Furniture Records label event in Utrecht where the new album by Zeno van den Broeck will be presented live to the audience. Hope to see you around!

23/05/2015 – Marius & Steenkiste – Boskamp, Het Bos, Antwerp (B) (w/ Floris Vanhoof, Winged Simians, Razen, Beyt Al Tapes, Megaphone Ensemble)

24/05/2015 – Hellvete – Moving Furniture Records Showcase, Vechtclub XL, Utrecht (NL) (w/ Orphax, Zeno van den Broek) (afternoon show)


Here is a 20 minute excerpt from the 4 hour set Simon Marius and I played last weekend in a bunker on the the Raversijde site in Ostend. Thanks to Johan for filming! Thanks to the people who came by and took the time to sit down! Thanks to Silken Tofu for inviting us to one of the coolest places where I ever had the chance of droning out!

Silken Tofu invited me to be part of the experimental program of the annual Atlantikwall Nocturne in Ostend on August 23. For this occasion Simon Marius (from the band MAAN) will join me to perform from 18pm until 22pm in one of the bunkers of the Atlantikwall Raversijde complex. Also playing are Joke Lanze (Sudden Infant) and 1000Schoen. More info can be found here. Hope to see you there!

Atlantikwall Nocturne 2014