“Dimly Lit” free download

September 29, 2014

The “Dimly Lit” tape by González & Steenkiste that came out on Fort Evil Fruit earlier this year is sold out from the label, but Fort Evil Fruit made it available as a “name your price” download on Bandcamp. So if you missed a physical copy and you want it to transfer it from your computer to tape, chip in and support Fort Evil Fruit. All profits go to the label so they can continue to do what they do best: Swamp you with tunes that make your head explode! Do it! You want it!

Some extra persuasion from The Wire: ‘Dimly Lit’ would easily merit release on CD or vinyl


Some nice words from The Wire on the “Dimly Lit” tape by Gonzalez & Steenkiste that came out earlier this year on Fort Evil Fruit.


WAS IST DAS? has a tradition of doing video reviews. Recently Ned, Mr. Was Ist Das, made one of the lastest Gonzalez & Steenkiste tape and a while ago he also did one on the Hellvete / Jake Blanchard split tape from last year. Check out both videos below.

Gonzalez & Steenkiste - Dimly Lit - cover



(Fort Evil Fruit)

It has been quite some time since Ernesto and I put some energy captured on tape out there, so we both are particularly happy to share with you our new cassette album “Dimly Lit”. Its sound is a bit more sombre, tragic even, but not straying too far away from the inherent warmth of our music. Recorded under the dim light of the Smokey Room in Sint Denijs, these four improvised pieces speak of the uncertain paths we take in this cycle of our existence, like walking through fog or dark corridors, casting strange shadows in our hearts and minds. We must never lose hope in the light that is within us, no matter how faint. Magnificent artwork by Christian Schoppik, edition of 100 copies, contact Fort Evil Fruit to order!

“Though their acoustic drone is transcendental in intent, this is very physical music, achieved by constant motion – wheezing harmonium bellows, resinous violin bowing and rattling prayer bowls. The duo’s musicality and attention to tone, texture and pace make for a richly colourful listen that sounds different on every spin. Drone that’s more likely to get you punching the air than nodding off.” (Fort Evil Fruit)

Some footage from the Gonzalez & Steenkiste show at the Sign Of 4 event at OffOffCinema made by Patrick Baele.


November 6, 2013

The Third Eye

A couple of Hellvete and Gonzalez & Steenkiste shows are lined up in the next couple of weeks. Come and join for a beer and a head nod if you’re around.

23/11/2013 – Gonzalez & SteenkisteDen Bogaard, Geel (B) (w/ screening: Tony Conrad/Charlemagne Palestine ‘More Aural Symbiotic Mysteries from BELGIE’ by Jef Mertens. Concert: The Holydrug Couple, Rivercrest)

26/11/2013 – HellveteBonnefooi, Brussels (B) (w/ Urpf Lanze)

30/11/2013 – HellveteLos Perros Calientes, Gent (B) (w/ Kolja Aertgeert presents Lapscheure, Ruben De Somer with Peter de Koning)

07/12/2013 – Gonzalez & SteenkisteArt cinema OffOff, Gent (B) (w. Köhn, Transsonic Knocking Down, Hybryds)

14/12/2013 – HellveteDe Zwarte Engel, Etikhove (B) (w/Bird People)

27/02/2014 – Hellvete@Cinépalace, Kortrijk (B) (w/ Marteleur)


Eiderdown Records Bandcamp

September 16, 2013

Eiderdown Records just made their complete catalog available on bandcamp. “Stuffed With The Down Of The Eider” by Gonzalez & Steenkiste and the split-tape by A Story Of Rats and Hellvete are both up there for a free stream or a $5 download (you can pay more if you really want…).

G&S - Brutal Knitting 2

G&S - Brutal Knitting 3

G&S - Brutal Knitting

Tour Memories

April 21, 2013

On the last day of the G&S tour we played at Scheld’apen in Antwerp together with Bird People and A Story Of Rats to celebrate spring. The evening ended with a big collective jam featuring González, Steenkiste, Druss (A Story Of Rats), Rois  (Bird People) and the Reverend 33. The jam is called “Where the bongos at, man?”. Here you can listen to it:

Thanks to everybody who set up a show, provided us with food, drinks, beds and listened to our bad jokes. And everybody who came to the shows. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Real people, real love! Peace!

G&S Urpf Lanze - Tour Poster 1

URPF LANZE / GONZALEZ & STEENKISTE TOUR 2013 featuring FATHER SLOOW’s bazaar of color, sound & poetry

March 30 – Paris – Espace en Cours (A Non Jazz show w/ Mulan Serrico, Zaraz Wam Zagram, Samuel Mullet)

March 31 – Liège – L’AquiloneFight This Generation Festival ( w/ Maan, Beyt Al Tapes, Robert Piotrowicz, Franky Malsano, Roto Relief)

April 1 – Amsterdam – Occii (w/ Terrie Ex, Raoul v/d Weide, George Hadow Trio) (doors: 15pm)

April 2 – Würzburg – The Cairo

April 3 – Berlin – O’Tannenbaum

April 4 – Prague – Pecen Abrambora

April 5 – Mainz – Walpodenakademie (w/ Navel, E-Jugend, Günter Schlienz)

April 6 – Stuttgart – Ffus Wagon

April 8 – Antwerp – Scheld’apen (w/ A Story of Rats, Bird People, Vallonia)

Tour poster made by Mr. Gonzalez.

Foto op 16-03-2013 om 15.55 #2