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Pic by Joe Blanchard


“Hellvete is the solo moniker of Glen Steenkiste. Previously active in Silvester Anfang and Sylvester Anfang II and one of the founders of the Funeral Folk label. Hellvete draws influences from early Minimalism and old folk music and with the use of harmonium, bowed banjo, electric tampura and analog synth he creates probing intense sounds that try to undo notions of time and place. Steenkiste’s music is like taking an endless shower of sunbeams, warm, comforting and mind-altering. Music that makes time stand still and focuses on shifting details and textures, but massive in sound and presence.”


Info & booking: glen(at)kraak(dot)net


HELLVETE – ‘t Land van Den Akker (tape) (Hangover Central Station) (2018) 

  1. Zon op ‘t Land
  2. Den Verdronken Akker
  3. Dans Der Pachters
  4. Schemergrond
  5. De Open Plekke
  6. Zon onder ‘t Land

All music played and recorded by Glen Steenkiste between July and November 2017  in Sint-Denijs.

Pro dubbed cassette album. Limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

HELLVETE – DROOMHARMONIUM (2CD) (Morc Records) (2018)morc75_cover_hr

Performed & recorded by Glen Steenkiste Between 2013 and 2017 in St-Denijs – Mastered by Michael Anderson  – Gratitude to Wim  – Eternal love to Evy & Otis – For all the dreamers

NACHTWACHT (digital) (De Gek) (2017 / 2011 – 2016) 

  1. “Gouden Tuin” (Previously released on “Oude Tijden”, Makarame Records, 2016 – split-tape w/ Woven Skull) 
  2. “Mars Der Dwazen (Unreleased, 2011) 
  3.  “Nachtwacht” Previously Released on “Lunar Jams For Tom Carter“, Feathered Coyote, 2012, comp tape) 
  4. “Für dude” (Previously Released on “Guust”, 2010, 4 way-split 7” w/ Wio, Ed Nolbed, Ignatz) 
  5. “Heiligenbloed”
    (Unreleased, 2011) 
  6. “Miles D .Blues (Previously released on “002“, Hare Akedod, 2012, compilation tape) 
  7. “Schipdonk’s Oever” (Previously released on “Oude Tijden“, Makarame Records, 2016 – split-tape w/ Woven Skull) 
  8. “Zonsopgang” (Unreleased, 2011) 
  9. “Sur Le Pont De Saint-Denys” (Previously released in “5 Jaar Gekerm“, Kerm, 2016, compilation 2cd) 
  10. “Op Linkeroever” (Previously released on “Hellvete/Jake Blanchard”, Tor Press, 2013, split-tape)

Nachtwacht” is a collection of guitar and banjo based recordings made throughout the years. Some tracks have been unreleased so far, others appeared on compilations and tapes, whom are mostly out of print. This is meant as a collection of lullabies for the dark winter days to come… I hope they soothe you.

HELLVETEDROOMHARMONIUM SAGA  (digital) (De Gek) (2012 – …)

  1. Droomharmonium (Taping Policies versie) (2012)
  2. Droomharmonium Live (Nest versie ) (2012)
  3. Droomharmonium III (2013)
  4. Droomharmonium XII (2014)

The Droomharmonium Saga is the story of the ongoing personal quest for eternal bliss evoked by sound, light and movement. All episodes can be downloaded for free. New episodes will be uploaded as the story continues. A selection of these recordings have been officially released by Morc Records as a double cd called “Droomharmonium” in 2018.

HELLVETE GO’R 2 (digital) (De Gek) (2016)

  1. GO’R 2

Music played and recorded by G. Steenkiste in 2016.

Digital only release


LUSTER/HELLVETE – split 10″ (Morctapes) (2016) luster10-300x300


  1. Are You Going To Leave Me (traditional)

Luster on this recording: Annelies Monseré: vocals, guitar – Yumi Verplancke: vocals – Steve Marreyt: bass, vocals – Julie Lafontaine: flute – Lobke D’Hespeel: drums – Jelle Vanlerberghe: violin – Recorded in Gent, july 2013, by Glen Steenkiste


  1. For Harmonium II

Music played and recorded by G. Steenkiste in July 2015 at Sint-Denijs.

Pressed on high quality vinyl, edition of 130 copies.


HELLVETE / BEAR BONES, LAY LOW Spliff tape (split tape) (Oaken Palace Records) (2016) (sold out)



  1. Bessenfeest (11:18)
  2. Buiten het Droomharmonium (12:35)


  1. Prism Leaf Chasm (23:32)

100 cassettes with gold-metallic inners, housed in special folded cases made from 100% recycled card. Comes with a free download code.

As a hommage to La Monte Young, Hellvete and Bear Bones, Lay Low dedicate their release to the critically endangered Radiated tortoise, which is on its way to extinction due to habitat loss, being poached for food, and being over-exploited in the pet trade. We are currently searching for an organization to receive the donations.


HELLVETE – Sur Le Pont de Saint-Denys (compi-2 cd) (KERM) (2016)12716095_771438866322561_7031350017991239496_o (1)

This exclusive track with guitar, banjo and shruti box is released on the compilation 2CD “5 Jaar Gekerm” to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the KERM label.

CD1: De Occasio’s / Weird Cheese / Prepared American / Trezinox / I’D_M_THFFFT_ABLE / TG Gondard & Ines / Ogon Batto / Beachdrive / Acid Kirk / W.Ravenveer / Acid Quiff / New Root Canal / Bear Bones, Lay Low / Beyt Al Tapes / De Ryckes / Status Epilepticus / Draaier/Frezer

CD2: Blaastaal / Hellvete / Pauwel De Buck /Joe Speedboat / DSR Lines / Weird Dust / Varkenshond / Sweat Tongue / Fyoelk / WHRK / TAV Exotic / Anne / Chevron / Joris De Rycke / Sebastien Crusener / Viper Pit / Hopeloos

Illustrations by Matthijs Van Der Gheest

Info & orders: –



HELLVETE / WOVEN SKULL Oude Tijden / Hail to All Moving Things (Makrame Records) (split-tape) (2016) (sold-out)a1369309018_16

HELLVETE – Oude Tijden

  1. Gouden Tuin
  2. Mijnheerke Van Maldegem
  3. Over Broekhuizes Velden
  4. Bloedappelsienen (gebogen versie)
  5. Schipdonks Oever

All music played and recorded by G.Steenkiste on various places between 2011 and 2015. Limited to 40 copies.


HELLVETELIGT DE DACH (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records) (compi cd-r) (2014). Solar Devotion

This synth & harmonium track features my good friend Dachligt on oscillators. It was released on the “Solar Devoation” compilation by the Russian ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records. The compilation is an anthem to sunlight with contributions by Guenter Schlienz and Bird People amongst others.



HELLVETE – QX49 ((H)ear XL2 Exhibition Compilation) (dvd-r) (2014)hear compi

This harmonium & synth track was released on a compilation that was part of the (H)EAR XL2 Exhibition that took place at kuS in Heerlen (NL) from Sept 26 to Nov 11.



HELLVETE – GOOD OL’ RITCHIE (short version) (Mind the Gap #109) (compi-cd) (2014)
This analog synth track was released on part #109 of The Mind The Gap sampler-serie that comes with the Gonzo Circus Magazine Issue #122 that featured a Hellvete interview.



HELLVETE – FLYNT’S EVERLOVIN’ (SOTU-festival Sampler) (compi-cd-r) (2014) sotu-snippets

This track, made with bowed violin and tambura, was released on the sampler for the third edition of the SOTU-festival, that was held from April 16 to April 20 on various places in Amsterdam. Other artists on the compilation are Flower Corsano, Sir RIchard Bishop, Miaux, …


HELLVETEODE (Deep Distance) (lp) (2014)

  1. Ode I (A-201)
  2. Ode II (C-221)

Edition of 300 on clear vinyl.


HELLVETE / JAKE BLANCHARD SPLIT (Torr Press) (cs) (2013) hellvete - tor press(sold out)

  1. Winter Wind
  2. Haardstaar VII
  3. Op Linker Oever

Edition of 75.



HELLVETE – SINT DENIJS (Blackest Rainbow Records) (lp) (2013) hellvete_final_front_web

  1. C-142
  2. MDD-409
  3. G-365

Edition of 500 lp’s, 180 gr. (first 200 on ultra clear vinyl, 300 on black vinyl)


HELLVETE NACHTWACHT (Feathered Coyote Records) (compi-2cs) (2012) (sold out)

(track on the “Lunar Jams For Tom Carter” compilation double tape, a benefit sampler for Tom Carter featering MV+EE, Herbcraft, James Jackson Toth, Planets Around the Sun, Bird People, Primordial Undermind and many more.)


HELLVETE – ‘T ORGELORKEST (Crooked Tapes) (cs) (2012)

  1. ‘t Orgelorkest I
  2. ‘t Orgelorkest II
  3. ‘t Orgelorkest III (*)
  4. ‘t Orgelorkest IV

(All tracks recorded by Hellvete on analog 4-track and handheld cassette recorder (*) in 2011 using harmonium, wind organ, electric tampura and keyboards.)


A STORY OF RATS / HELLVETESPLIT (Eiderdown Records) (cs) (2012)

  1. A Story Of Rats – Chariot and the Wooden Spear
  2. Hellvete – Opening
  3. Hellvete – De Grote Honderd Bunders
  4. Hellvete – Droomkrijger
  5. Hellvete – Verdronken Land

(Recorded on 4-track by Hellvete 2010 and 2011 using bowed banjo, harmonium, electric tampura, casio SK-5)


HELLVETEDROOMHARMONIUM (Taping Policies) (web only release) (2012)

(Droomharmonium is a web only release on Taping Policies. The track is a rehearsal recording of  a piece that was performed on the “New Music For Old Instruments” festival at Scheld’apen, Antwerp, April 27th. Thanks to Jef Mertens for the visuals. Thanks to Father Sloow for the Dreammachine)


HELLVETEMILES D BLUES (Hare Akedod) (compi-cs) (2012) (sold out)

(track on the Hare Akedod compilation tape feat. tracks by Hellvete, Brl’-âab, DSRlines, Jan Matthé, Urpf Lanze, False Friend, Milan W, Forklong Daruplat, Kosmische Keuterboeren, Vom Grill, Hare Akedod & Razen) 



  1. Annapurna Illusion – Argos
  2. Annapurna Illusion – Undecision
  3. Annapurna Hellvision – Annapurna Hellvision

(Annapurna Hellvision = High Wolf +Hellvete)


BEAR BONES, LAY LOW / HELLVETE – SPLIT (SicSic Tapes) (cs) (2012) (sold out)

  1. Bear Bones, Lay Low – Uotarf III
  2. Hellvete – Dachligt (feat. Dachligt)






  1. Urpf Lanze – The Wandering Sick
  2. Edgar Wappenhalter – I Travelled Among Unknow Me (W. Wordsworth / Painted Birds Laugh In Shades
  3. Hellvete – Droomoog


HELLVETE – INDIAANS BLAUW (Sloow Tapes) (cs) (2011) (sold out)

(track on “Beter Taaag Dan Ooit” 120 minutes CS compilation w/ La Danse Du Sperme, Edgar Wappenhalter, Kosmische Keuterboeren, Bear Bones Lay Low, Kohn, Sylvester Anfang II, Etherik, Acid Child, Witchbikers,…)


HEAD OF WANTASTIQUET / HELLVETE – SPLIT (Letmo Productions) (cs) (2010) (sold out)

  1. Head Of Wantastiquet – 4.4.2009. A Studio Rubín. Praha.
  2. Hellvete – 10.4.2010. Chapeau Rouge. Praha. (Ode Aan Jiří Wehle)


HELLVETE – DE GEK (kraak) (lp) (2009) (sold out)

  1. ‘d Helle
  2. In Den Beginne
  3. De Gek
  4. Den Duits
  5. De Onthoofde Voogd
  6. ‘k Riep De Oorsprong Der Dingen
  7. Für Helena
  8. Vleermuisarmen


HELLVETE OSSCHAERTS KISTE (three:four) (lp) (2009) (sold out)

(Track on compilation LP “Err on the Good Side” w/ Steve Gunn, Sir Richard Bishop, Amen Dunes, él-g, … released by three:four records. Curated by ALI_FIB.) (2009)


HELLVETE – EEN DUVELSE ZAK IS NOOIT GEVULD (Sloow Tapes) (cs) (2008) (sold out)

  1. In Den Beginne
  2. ‘t Kapelleke
  3. Vrouwe Des Kwaad
  4. Diene kee In Denk Bunker Onder De Vaart
  5. Verbrand In De Kelder
  6. Een Duvelse Zak Is Nooit Gevuld


HELLVETE – S/T (Abisko) (cs) (2007) (sold out)

  1. Pestattak
  2. Heathen Frostbite
  3. Sabbatikal
  4. Demonofyl
  5. Plaag
  6. Verderf

(this is the tape re-issue of the cd-r that was released on Funeral Folk in 2005. Side  A & B contain the same 6 tracks)


HELLVETE – DIETSLANDER (audiobot) (cd-r) (2006) (sold out)

  1. Moerhuize
  2. Donk
  3. ‘t Zwarte Veld
  4. Stroobrughe
  5. Den Verbranden Bos
  6. Op De Kampel


HELLVETELIVE AT FeF (Puik) (cs) (2006) (sold out) Hellvete - Puik III

Recording of the first Hellvete solo show, opening for No Blues Steen(rip), Dan Decalut, and Gart & Seekatze on Feb 5, 2006 at Freaks End Future, Antwerp. Recorded and released by Jelle Crama on Puik. All hail to Carlo for the early support!


HELLVETE – S/T (Funeral Folk) (cd-r) (2005) (sold out)

  1. Pestattak
  2. Heathen Frostbite
  3. Sabbatikal
  4. Demonofyl
  5. Plaag
  6. Verderf


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