“Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low) and Glen Steenkiste (Hellvete) have been jamming together as part of Silvester Anfang/Sylvester Anfang II for quite some time now, developing the sort of psychic communication achieved by endlessly repeating the same activity with the same people. Both have explored via their solo projects the joy of drone based music and have tried on several occasions to establish a proper duo. It wasn’t until fall of 2011 that this dream finally took shape. Drawing influences from ethnic and folk music, free and spiritual jazz, psychedelia and minimalism to more contemporary underground acts such as Pelt/Spiral Joy Band, early Hototogisu and Vibracathedral Orchestra, González & Steenkiste embark on sound journeys using a myriad of electric and acoustic instruments where the violin and the harmonium are the main vessels. It’s not about what lies at the end – it’s about enjoying the ride.”



GONZALEZ & STEENKISTE – DIMLY LIT (Fort Evil Fruit) (cs) (2014) Gonzalez & Steenkiste - Dimly Lit - cover

  1. Path of the Beam
  2. Rest (The Path Knows No End)
  3. At Uncertainty’s Pace
  4. Thinner Than Air

Released 12 June 2014.
All music recorded between 2012 and 2013 at The Smokey Room, Sint-Denijs by González & Steenkiste.
Artwork by Christian Schoppik.
Thanks to Paul for the Dim Light.


GONZALEZ & STEENKISTE – THE SMOKEY ROOM TAPES VOL.1 (self-released tour cd-r) (2013)  G&S - The Smokey Room Vol 1(sold out)

  1. Meditation For The Golden Cat
  2. Down The North Fork
  3. Gammalaan
  4. Of Northern Winds & White Nights

Recorded on 4- & 8-track between 2011 – 2012 at The Smokey Room, Sint-Denijs by González & Steenkiste.



GONZALEZ & STEENKISTEMOVING TO COLORADO (self-released tour cd-r) (2013)G&S - Moving To Colorado (sold out)

  1. Moving to Colorado (34:37)

Recorded live and mixed by Simon Vander Beken at Studio for Kinky Star Radio Station. Thanks to Simon and Pieter-Jan De Coen


GONZALEZ & STEENKISTE THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN (Feathered Coyote Records) (cs) (2012) (sold out)

  1. The Foot
  2. The Belly
  3. The Chest
  4. The Eye

Recorded on 4-track by Gonzalez & Steenkiste in 2012 using harmonium, violin, korg ms 10, electric tampura, bells, bulbul tarang, bowls, bowed banjo.


GONZALEZ & STEENKISTESTUFFED WITH THE DOWN OF THE EIDER (Eiderdown Records) (cs) (2012) (sold out)

  1. An Evening at Sloow’s (feat. Father Sloow)
  2. Front Porch Rumbling
  3. Paradise

Recorded on 4-track by Gonzalez & Steenkiste (* feat. Father Sloow on additional analog synth) in 2011 using harmonium, violin, acoustic guitar, korg ms 10, electric tampura, bells, birds.


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