Last Wednesday I presented the “Droomharmonium” double cd to the “world” with an all acoustic version in front of a very nice audience in my hometown of Ghent. For those of you who missed out and still want a taste of it, some friends did the effort of filming it. So thanks to them you can still zone out… in front of your computer… gazing into the light…


De Gek Bandcamp

December 26, 2016

To close down 2016 and step into 2017 I entered the world of Bandcamp. This will become the home for the  ongoing “Droomharmonium” and “Buiten Het Droomharmonium” stories and a place to drop unreleased music. To get things started you can download a new track, titled “GO’R 2”. If you like it and want to support, you can throw a buck in the hat. I hope you enjoy and all the best for 2017!

Sterrenplaat Mix

June 5, 2016


A couple of weeks ago the fine people of the Sterrenplaten radio program asked me to compile a mix tape for them. It was aired last Friday on Radio Scorpio but you can relisten to it by hitting the mixcloud below. Here’s the playlist. Enjoy!

* Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton – And I Am Born to Die [Back Roads to Cold Mountain (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)]
* John A MacLellan, MBE – Lament For Colin Roy MacKenzie [Scottish Bagpipe Music (Smithsonian Folkways)]
* Glykeria Zoumba – Damn You Foreign Lands [“Beyond Rembetika: The Music and Dance of the Region of Epirus”( JSP)]
* Pauline Oliveros – The Beauty of Sorrow (excerpt) [Tara’s Room (Deep Listening)]
* Slavi Velev – Kitka Horo [Lost Treasures Of Bulgarian Music Vol 1 (JSP)]
* Phill Niblock – Hurdy Hurry [Touch Works, For Hurdy Gurdy And Voice (Touch)]
* Henry Flynt – Violin-Strobe [New American Ethnic Music Volume 3: Hillbilly Tape Music (Recorded)]
* Dock Boggs – Bright Sunny South [Bright Sunny South (Smithsonian Folkways)]


November 6, 2013

The Third Eye

A couple of Hellvete and Gonzalez & Steenkiste shows are lined up in the next couple of weeks. Come and join for a beer and a head nod if you’re around.

23/11/2013 – Gonzalez & SteenkisteDen Bogaard, Geel (B) (w/ screening: Tony Conrad/Charlemagne Palestine ‘More Aural Symbiotic Mysteries from BELGIE’ by Jef Mertens. Concert: The Holydrug Couple, Rivercrest)

26/11/2013 – HellveteBonnefooi, Brussels (B) (w/ Urpf Lanze)

30/11/2013 – HellveteLos Perros Calientes, Gent (B) (w/ Kolja Aertgeert presents Lapscheure, Ruben De Somer with Peter de Koning)

07/12/2013 – Gonzalez & SteenkisteArt cinema OffOff, Gent (B) (w. Köhn, Transsonic Knocking Down, Hybryds)

14/12/2013 – HellveteDe Zwarte Engel, Etikhove (B) (w/Bird People)

27/02/2014 – Hellvete@Cinépalace, Kortrijk (B) (w/ Marteleur)


De Gek Live

October 17, 2013

Hellvete is opening the Rechute #6 event on Tuesday October 22 at De Student in Brussels for Jon Collin, Chalaque and Metal Rouge. Really happy to support these very fine acts! Big thank you to Rechute for making this evening happen! Come out, unite heads and open up for a blissful night!

rechute #6

For more live dates, keep on an eye on the live section.

G&S - Brutal Knitting 2

G&S - Brutal Knitting 3

G&S - Brutal Knitting


May 4, 2012


This is the the new place where you can find everything about Hellvete and related things.

If you feel like it, just drop by once in a while to see if I’m doing anything.