Autumn Music

November 3, 2018


(c) Krysztoff Dorion

It’s becoming a tradition that the month of November always brings me a handful of shows. Also this year I have a couple of nice things in front of me. On November 10 I’m playing an intimate Droomharmonium-set at the Kopi SoeSoe coffee bar in Katendrecht/Rotterdam. On November 14 I’ll be sharing the bill at AB-Salon in Brussels with Morc label boss Wim Lecluyse who will be presenting his new Circle Bros record, “Molen“, soon to be out on three:four records. And to top this of I’m very excited, proud and honoured to be able to announce the first public appearance of Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond (with fellow harmoniumists Brecht Ameel, David Edren and Steve Marreyt) on Nov 24 at the Eastern Daze V festival in Ghent. With the highly appreciated help of KRAAK and Vooruit. We’ll be opening the day, so make sure to be there on time! Hope to see you there…

10/11/2018 – Hellvete – Kopi Soesoe – Rotterdam (NL)
14/11/2018 – Hellvete – AB-Salon – Brussel (B) (w/ Circle Bros)
24/11/2018 – Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond – Vooruit – Gent (B) (w/ Kali Malone, Pierre-Jean Croset)


(c) Krysztoff Dorion


Last Wednesday I presented the “Droomharmonium” double cd to the “world” with an all acoustic version in front of a very nice audience in my hometown of Ghent. For those of you who missed out and still want a taste of it, some friends did the effort of filming it. So thanks to them you can still zone out… in front of your computer… gazing into the light…


After a long and good summer break and before going into hibernation I’m getting my gear together for 2 solo shows in November.

First up is the ‘Sola Gratia‘ event on Veterans day in the beautiful Joseph Reylandtzaal in Bruges. The people of Alter Ego invited me to open up this night for CVHE and Syndrome, both of Amen Ra fame. Both will be presenting new work on this evening. Den Sohra, the artist in residence of Alter Ego, will be presenting graphic work during the event. The show is sold out, but who knows, maybe somebody won’t be picking up his/her ticket. So if you’re around, drop by and maybe you can still get some part of the action.


(c) Dehn Sora

The second show I have lined up is on November 27 at the Meewind 2.0 festival in Eeklo, capital of Meetjesland. For this home match Thomas Betsens is pulling out his Dreamachines again. So be prepared for a one hour maximized version of the Dreamharmonium! The festival will also feature The Germans, Karen Willems teaming up with Thomas Betsens to perform ‘Biond the drum: a total sensory experience’ and my pals of Engerling Ensemble, who will also play a special Dreamachine set, to name a few. You can check out the full line-up at the festival website.


Hope to see you around to celebrate the beginning of winter!

11/11/2016 – Hellvete – Joseph Reylandtzaal, Brugge (B) (w/ Syndrome, CHVE)
27/11/2016 – Hellvete (Dreamachine show) – Meewind 2.0 Festival, Eeklo (B) (w/ Engerling EnsembleFather Murphy, The Germans, Karen Willems, Kreng, …)


On June 22, a new slab of wax by Hellvete will see the light of day. This time it is a split 10″ with Luster, released by Morc Records and pressed on high quality vinyl, on an edition of 130.

This is what the label has to say about it:

“on one side, we have Hellvete – the belgian dronemaster that impressed us with an ongoing series of longform drones, mostly based on one instrument. here, the central role is reserved for the organ. should please everyone who is interested in monolithic soundsculptures. impressive, straightforward and mindcleaning.

the other side is reserved for the debut of Luster – a collective of musicians from ghent,, with cao Annelies Monseré and members of Edgar Wappenhalter, Joe Speeboat and Mote.On this ep, their track is a long version of the traditional ‘are you going to leave me’. expect a fuzzy, warm and doomy take on this classic.”

You can preview and/or order the record straight from Bandcamp.

To celebrate this release, Morc Records and Į.vorėn T.øręn joined forces to put on an evening on June 22 at “In De De Ruimte” in Ghent where Luster and myself will present this new release to the world. The great people of Pandelindio and Bird People are also invited to throw in some extra bliss! And for the occasion, “Danspassen Uit Mariakerke” will put on their dancing shoes to infuse my show with some extra movement. Siked! I’m up first, so be on time!


June action

May 24, 2016


Summer is coming up, so it’s time to go outside again and celebrate all the good things in life with a bunch of music!

I’ll be teaming up Jürgen De Blonde and Lieven Martens Moana to provide a soundtrack for the Dreamachines of Thomas Betsens at the epic IN DREAMS event curated by Phillipe Cortens.

Second I’ll be presenting a new split 10″ together with Luster (a new six headed beast with Annelies Monseré and members of Joe Speedboat) at my favo Ghent venue “In De Ruimte“. Super happy that my good pall Bird People and the magnificent Argentina based drone maestros Pandelindio will also be present. Big thanks to Morc Tapes for making this happen and for releasing the 10″!

After that I’ll be heading to the Netherlands to play the Midzomerdrone festival where I’m happy to be sharing the bill with Broeder Dieleman and a bunch of other Dutch drone heads.The show will be held in an old meat-market in which a single sound reverberates for 8 seconds. Who needs effects…

A couple of days later Brahmen Raag will be opening for Common Eider, King Elder and Gabriel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans) in Antwerp. And to top things off I’m super happy that KRAAK invited me to play a show in Berlin as part of a KRAAK curated evening in Ausland together with Lieven Martens Moana and Razen.

Hope to see you along the road!


09/06/2016 – Hellvete + Jurgen De Blonde + Lieven Martens MoanaIN DREAMS, KC Nona, Mechelen (B) (w/ Mauro Pawlowski, Hiele, BBLL, Milan W., …)
22/06/2015 – Hellvete – In De Ruimte, Gent (B) (w/ Luster, Bird People, Pandelindio) (presentation of the Hellvete / Luster 10″ split lp on Morc Records)
25/06/2016 – Hellvete – Vleeshal, Middelburg (NL) (Midzomerdrone w/ broeder Dieleman, …)
29/06/2016 – Brahmen Raag – Het Bos, Antwerp (B) (w/ Common Eider, King Eider; Gabriel Saloman)
02/07/2016 – Hellvete – Ausland, Berlin (D) (w/ Razen, Lieven Martens Moana)




Into the Droomharmonium

December 9, 2015

Photo by Charles Gatewood

Photo by Charles Gatewood

‘In its original form, a dreamachine, a creation by Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs’s “systems adviser” Ian Sommerville, is made from a cylinder with slits cut in the sides. A light bulb is suspended in the center of the cylinder and the rotation speed allows the light to come out from the holes at a constant frequency of between 8 and 13 pulses per second. This frequency range corresponds to alpha waves, electrical oscillations normally present in the human brain while relaxing.’

‘A dreamachine is “viewed” with the eyes closed: the pulsating light stimulates the optical nerve and alters the brain’s electrical oscillations. Users experience increasingly bright, complex patterns of color behind their closed eyelids. The patterns become shapes and symbols, swirling around, until the user feels surrounded by colors. It is claimed that using a dreamachine allows one to enter a hypnagogic state. This experience may sometimes be quite intense, but to escape from it, one needs only to open one’s eyes.’

Around 2011 I had my first encounter with a Dreamachine. Father Sloow, a fellow traveller in Sylvester Anfang II, had made one himself and immediatly I was intrigued by it. The fact that snippets of light could make your head spin, well… made my head spin. For me it was the inspiration to start making music that would recreate the flicker effect from the Dreamachine with sound. The Dreamachine for me was like a magnifying glass to look at things. I was fascinated by the fact that all those small, repetitive parts created an experience that was more than the sum of all parts. From this experience I started exploring overtones and the “Droomharmonium Saga” became the aural transcription of that quest. And from the beginning there was the plan of performing the “Droomharmanium” with real Dreamachines.

A couple of years back I got to know the Belgian sound artist Thomas Betsens who was making Dreamachines in his shed and we started making plans for an evening where the Dreamachine would be the center part of the evening. 

Now, the nice people of cinéPalace have given us the opportunity to play a show with the machines Thomas has built over the years and perform the “Droomharmonium” piece like it was really intended: in front of a Dreamachine, with the eyes closed, disconnected from time and space, hoovering in you’re own mind, experiencing all what is not there at first sight.

So come by, sit down and let sound and light take over. Turn on, tune in, drop out!

Engerling Ensemble
Mahler Haze

December 16, 2015 – CinéPalace, Kortrijk – 20pm


Droomharmonium XV

November 15, 2015

The Droomharmonium Saga continues… Hope you enjoy…

Lev Sergeyevich Termen - Theremin Harmonium

Lev Sergeyevich Termen – Theremin Harmonium

Super happy with the invitation by Smeraldina-Rima to open for Yann Gourdon, hurdy gurdy dronemaster par excellence, on October 13 at Art Cinema OffOff in Ghent! VCR visuals will be provided by Dieter Durinck! Come by, sit down and drone out!



Super siked to be playing just before Richard Dawson at Tor ist Das! Festival 2015 that is being held at the Unitarian Church of Todmorden on August 15 & 16. The line-up looks super awesome and is full of great people like Bird People, Daniel Voight, Woven Skull feat. Core Of The Coleman, Raising Holy Sparks,Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Chicaloyoh and a bunch of other stuff I still need to check out. More details and info on thall the acts below.

Come over and hang out! It will be a blast!


Tor ist Das! Festival is a collaboration between two sets of promoters in the Calder Valley, Tor Bookings and Was ist Das?

We have organised three days of live music this year taking place on the 14 – 16th August at Todmorden Unitarian Church and Golden Lion Todmorden

Lineup order may change slightly but we’ll stick to this as closely as we can.

 14th August – Golden Lion pub, 7pm – party o’clock

Return of the Tor Festival pub quiz!!




 15th August- Todmorden Unitarian Church.

Doors at 12 (food available) first band on at 1pm sharp. Every band starts on the hour from then on in. All over by 10pm.


2pm – ISNAJ DUI (UK)

3pm – DANIEL VOIGT (Germany)


5pm – AMBROSIA(@) (UK)



8pm – CHICALOYOH (France)


Followed by after-party at Golden Lion Pub.

 16th August -Todmorden Unitarian Church.

Doors at 12 (food available) first band on at 1pm sharp. Every band starts on the hour from then on in. All over by 10pm.

Special guest day DJ – Justin Watson from Front and Follow








8pm – HELLVETE (Belgium)


Followed by after-party at Golden Lion Pub

Tickets will be £20 for the weekend or £12 per day.

Go to our website to buy them –


We’re very proud to be bringing Andrew Liles and Maniac to the festival. Andrew Liles already had a long and distinguished CV in the field of experimental electronic music before he joined Nurse With Wound and Current 93. Maniac, meanwhile, was the singer in Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem. They have previously worked together on two albums, one under the name Sehnsucht and Maniac also leant his vocals to Liles’ metal album. They will be joined by seminal UK thrash metal drummer Carl Stokes of the one and only Cancer.

This is an exclusive event for Tor ist Das! Festival.


Laura Cannell plays fiddle, overbowed fiddle, double recorders, sometimes percussion and other rarefied wind instruments. Drawing on ancient transcendental and earthly musics, her sense of space, dynamics and working with acoustics is highly attuned, often utilising a fragment from a medieval theme to her own end, embracing the apparitional, historical or the otherworldly.


The man of the moment, winning acclaim from everyone from Pitchfork to The Guardian to Rolling Stone. He’s a tough one to describe, other than as a man who reinvents the art of singing a story and approaches his guitar in a similarly new way. If you have only heard the records then you only know half the story because a large part of his burgeoning cult following is the powerful presence of his stage shows.


Hellvete is the solo project of Glen Steenkiste from Belgian cosmonauts Sylvester Anfang II. He explores deep, ornate dronespaces and has released for labels like Blackest Rainbow, Sloow Tapes, Eiderdown and (K-RAA-K)³. The architecture of the Church will serve as the perfect acoustics for a set like this. Prepare yourself to see through the roof.


An amorphous musical entity, trying to approximate the sound of a hummingbird’s wing beat in outer space.  Bird People first caught our ears with the excellent “A Pulse In The Void/Sky Huntress” album that mixed banjos, sitars, drones and ballads to blissfully lovely effect. After many UK solo shows, we finally get a band version over here.


we are very excited to be hosting a collaboration between ecstatic Irish heavy drone improv trio Woven Skull and New York composer and string scraper Core Of The Coalman. This fantastic four previously collaborated on a blazing album on Feathered Coyote Records.


Formed last year in Brighton, Lutine (Heather Minor and Emma Morton) are already establishing themselves are a mesmerising live act, combining haunting vocal harmonies with minimal, delicate instrumentation on a mixture of original songs and traditional folk songs.


“Of course, guitars have long been middle-brow targets for commentators as somehow signifying everything that was cock-bound and self-aggrandising and technically impudent about rock music. But when it’s played like this, with a blurring of technique that allows a bunch of northern punks access to the combined freak potential of more than a half century of electric six-string excess, it’s a reminder of the electric guitar’s uncanny ability to respond not just to where it’s been, but to where it’s at.” The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music


French artist Alice Dourlen makes music that is strange, dark and beautiful. Like an acid-fried soundtrack to a Jean Rollin film or a mystic Patty Smith working with John Carpenter. If ever there was an artist you needed to hear in a big gothic church after dark then it is Chicoloyoh.


Standing awkwardly between neo-impressionism and electronica, Isnaj Dui (real name Katie English) conveys a minimal yet capturing sound using electronically manipulated flutes and homemade instruments. Cited as a distinct voice, taking the flute away from its pastoral image whilst maintaining its unique mellow sound, English has released several critically acclaimed albums 2009’s Unstable Equilibrium (Home Normal) and her most recent work Euplexia (Rural Colours).


How about some tape experiments, drone soundscapes and field recordings from Daniel Voigt? You might know him better by his recording name Hering und seine sieben Sachen or for his label Sic Sic which has managed a mighty output since 2009 of quality releases.


How about the mind-pummelling sonic assault of Girl Sweat? A one man onslaught somewhere between The Cramps, Cabaret Voltaire, early Swans and John Spencer Blues Explosion. BANG!


Kemper Norton’s sound is produced through employment of acoustic instrumentation and vocals but don’t be fooled, Kemper is not just about the folk music. With dance rhythms he’ll transform pastoral scenes into electronic dreams.


Flamingo Creatures. They are  Ruth and Ronnie from German spacerock collective Datashock. Their extraordinary music takes improvised sound and imbues it with the spirit of joyful anarchy. They have released for all the finest underground labels like Cosmic Winnetou, SicSic, Feathered Coyote and Digitalis Limited, not to mention collaborated with Limpe Fuchs of revolutionary krautrock act Anima-Sound. Can’t wait to see what they do with the space at Todmorden Unitarian Church. 


Ambrosia(@) blend beats, noise, field recordings and experimental sounds. They’ve shared stages with High Wolf, Maria Minerva, Female Band, Blue Daisy and many others. James of Rough Fields fame is one half of the group too. Expect a brutal but rapturous explosion of sound rumbling the pews.


Sam McLoughlin has a discography covering nearly ten years ranging from releases for Twisted Nerve as Samandtheplants, as N.Racker for Pre-Cert Home Entertainment and under his own name for Disposable Music and Folklore Tapes. With his propensity for inventing and building new instruments, a live set from Sam McLoughlin can be very hard to predict but his ear for melody and gift for moods always comes to the fore.


Terrine is the new solo project of Claire Gapenne from French noise band Headwar. She channels the worlds of New York no wave with early 80s noise and experimental music.


We’re going to open the portal between Todmorden and Burselm and summon The Bongoleeros, Stoke on Trent’s greatest experimental, rockabilly, weirdo marching band. We’re giving them full range of the venue and license to get fully involved with audience. This band is not for the faint hearted.


The Family Elan active since 2007, is the musical project of the Greek bouzouki and Turkish baglama-saz player Chris Hladowski. The scope of the Family Elan’s output is broad, ranging from self penned reflective meditations which rotate on a devotional harmonic axis, to irreverent interpretations of Bollywood hits, to Turkic folk forms filtered through a psychedelic rock axis.


We will be announcing more in the run up to the festival so watch this space or follow us on FACEBOOK or the TWITTER