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Brahmen Raag is the name under which Glen Steenkiste (Hellvete) and David Edren (DSR lines) commit a true symbiosis of their solo output in a partnership, only just recently instigated for a specific concert event in Ghent. Their first music output, using both acoustic and electronic instruments, will be released in april 2016 on the Hare Akedod label”


Booking info: d [at] deltawavebooking [dot] nethttp://deltawavebooking.net/


BRAHMEN RAAG – 009 (Hare Akedod) (tape) (release: April 21, 2016) a2708327503_16

  1. Side A
  2. Side B
Both sides of this tape are live improvisations recorded October 7th 2015 at Sint-Denijs-Westrem.

Music by David Edren (synthesizers) and Glen Steenkiste (harmonium, synthesizer, shruti & electronic tambura).

Limited Edition of 70 dark grey tapes with white print.
in clear cassette case with fullcolour double sided artwork.
Photo by D.Edren

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