Gearing up for summer

May 28, 2015


First of all I want to thank everybody who came out and invited me to perform the last couple of months. It was a busy first half of the year and I had a real blast! Thanks for the support, the food, the drinks and the carpet.

Before I take  a small summer break, there are still two shows coming up. The first weekend of June I’ll be playing a solo set at the 4th edition of A Berry Feast in Vienna, hosted by Ulrich Roïs, who is also running the splendid Feathered Coyote Records label. The second weekend of June The Bow Aether Group (= Bow Ether Group + Simon Marius from MAAN) will make his debut at Het Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp, as part of the Oorstof 2015 concert serie hosted by the great people of Sound In Motion. Also on the bill that night is the brand new duo of Bart Sloow and Bram “Ignatz” Devens. That’s two debut shows for the price of one! So come out and get those holiday vibes running!

06/06/2015 – Hellvete, A Berry Feast, St-Pölten, (AT) (w/ Eric Arn, Torùn, …)
13/06/2015 – Bow Aether Group – Oorstof, Zuiderpershuis, A’pen (B) (w/ Louise Landes Levi, Panashiba, Hans Plomp, Gino Coomans+Gerard Herman+Kris Vanderstraeten)

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