For Tom Carter

August 20, 2013

For Tom Carter.

The nice people of Deserted Village just released a massive benefit compilation for Tom Carter to help out with costs incurred during Tom Carter’s recovery from the illness which hospitalised him during Charalambides European tour last year. Beside tracks by personal favorites like VCO, Mike Gangloff, Bird People, Cian Nugent, Sacred Harp Singers Of Cork and many others (the list is full of great people) it features new and exclusive tracks by Sylvester Anfang II and Hellvete.

99 Tracks for a tiny 7.50 EUR!! Get on it!!!!!


In 2012 I made a soundtrack for hand-made Dreammachine. It was released by Taping Policies as a web only release and it went with a video by Jef Mertens. Now the soundtrack is up for grabs at the Dreamachine SoundCloud. Thanks to John Smoke! Gaze into the light!

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