Urpf Lanze – Gonzalez & Steenkiste EuroTour 2013

March 15, 2013

G&S Urpf Lanze - Tour Poster 1

URPF LANZE / GONZALEZ & STEENKISTE TOUR 2013 featuring FATHER SLOOW’s bazaar of color, sound & poetry

March 30 – Paris – Espace en Cours (A Non Jazz show w/ Mulan Serrico, Zaraz Wam Zagram, Samuel Mullet)

March 31 – Liège – L’AquiloneFight This Generation Festival ( w/ Maan, Beyt Al Tapes, Robert Piotrowicz, Franky Malsano, Roto Relief)

April 1 – Amsterdam – Occii (w/ Terrie Ex, Raoul v/d Weide, George Hadow Trio) (doors: 15pm)

April 2 – Würzburg – The Cairo

April 3 – Berlin – O’Tannenbaum

April 4 – Prague – Pecen Abrambora

April 5 – Mainz – Walpodenakademie (w/ Navel, E-Jugend, Günter Schlienz)

April 6 – Stuttgart – Ffus Wagon

April 8 – Antwerp – Scheld’apen (w/ A Story of Rats, Bird People, Vallonia)

Tour poster made by Mr. Gonzalez.

Foto op 16-03-2013 om 15.55 #2


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