Lunar Jams For Tom Carter

October 3, 2012


Herbcraft – Gossamer Web
Hellvete – Nachtwacht
MV+EE with THE GOLDEN ROAD – Tea Devil > Jam (Live 05/18/2012)
Bird People – I Gather The Limbs Of Osiris
Common Eider, King Eider – Lung
Autistic Argonauts – Port Of Call
Torùn – Lyse
Simon Dallaserra – It’s Too Blue To Be Blues
Osterizer Cowboy Sound Machine – Lungenflügel
James Jackson Toth – Slow Money Blues For TC
23:00 A.M. – If Ierd Takien
ghostandthesong feat. Mara – ghostlife
Serge Öhn – Der Heilige Mann
Nine Inch Negl – Easy Way
Acid Rambo – Yoni Tantra Acid
Toni Traubensaft – Park
El Yoyo Está Grande – Dat Sun Of Peppel Bomze
Tornado Victory – I Got Affection For You
Primordial Undermind featuring Tom Carter – Blinding Stars (Live)

“In the spring of 2012, Tom Carter, master guitarist, fuzz alchemist and intrepid explorer of the outer realms of contemporary psychedelia was taken ill while on tour in Europe. He was hospitalized with a severe case of pneumonia in Berlin and had to stay in intensive care and afterwards at rehab until July. To help him deal with the unexpected costs of medical treatment abroad and the loss of income from touring, many friends and fans have started to organize benefit events.
Feathered Coyote would like to help as well with these here spools of magnetic tape. I have asked some of my favorite artists, if they would consider contributing to this benefit for Tom and the response was overwhelming. It was heart-warming to see all the generosity and love that’s out there! And it’s great to have so many fantastic and eclectic contributions on here. Those tapes are quite a wild ride, hope you dig ‘em!
The first steps of this project were undertaken under the energetic and restless light of the buck moon / thunder moon while Tom was still in treatment and it is now being finished under the harvest moon with Tom back home and in good health but still in need of our support.
Let’s hope these jams may yield a plentiful harvest! “Lunar Jams For Tom Carter” comes in a 2-cassette plastic soft box with tasteful monochrome artwork and a 8-page booklet. One of the tapes is white, the other one black. Limited edition of 100″

Order you copy now straight from Feathered Coyote Records! Big ups to Ulrich Rois for getting this on!

Here your can listen to my contribution.