May 21, 2012

Super psyched to announce two new releases!!! The first one is a split tape by Hellvete and A Story Of Rats. The second one is the first tape by Gonzalez & Steenkiste, no-brainer sounds with my man Bear Bones, Lay Low. Both tapes are released by Eiderdown Records.

Both tapes have two color double-sided screen-printed J-cards courtesy of Broken Press with eye popping visuals conjured by Max Clotfelter.

Big shout outs to Adam Svenson for making this happen! For more Eiderdown sounds, visit the Eiderdown Records SoundCloud.

EACH $7 USA ~ $8 CAN/MEX ~ $10 WORLD
ORDER: eiderdownrecords@gmail (dot) com

Info, sounds and artwork, check below!


A Story Of Rats / Hellvete – split (c44)

A Story Of Rats is back on Eiderdown after his killer LP from last year. More synth creep wizardy and this time Garek Druss’ synths and vocals are accompanied on the journey by Mr. James Woodhead (Elemental Chrysalis/At The Head OF The Woods) on guitar, voice, and bells. “The Chariot and The Wooden Spear” is an emotional tractor beam of sound, pulling the listener with slight drum pulses along a meandering path thru vales of both beauty and grimnitude. An amazing collaboration by two treasures of the Pacific Northwest’s deep vibes scene.Hellvete is Glen Steenkiste’s solo gig, when not on the job destroying minds and Duvel bottles as a principal member of Belgian psych-improv rockers Silvester Anfang II. Over the course of an outstanding LP on KRAAK and multiple label outings on various formats, Hellvete has distilled his psychotropic ur-folk sound into tasty slabs of acoustic/electric drone. Alternately comforting and suffocating, these pieces created with bowed banjo, harmonium, tampura, and Casio leave the listener with the experience of shaking hands with the ghost of Angus MacLise at the crossroads of Annapurna and some nearly-forgotten Flemish forest.


Gonzalez & Steenkiste – “Stuffed With the Down of the Eider” (c40)

Eiderdown is proud to present the world with the debut release by Belgian duo Gonzalez and Steenkiste. G & S is Glen Steenkiste (Hellvete, Silvester Anfang II) and Ernesto Gonzalez (Bear Bones Lay Low, SA II) in their first ever release in a duo capacity. Introduced with bowed cymbals and bells, “Stuffed…” massages the dear listener with glorious waves of gradual violin, harmonium, banjo, and tampura. The heavy air is temporarily refreshed by a backporch guitar/banjo hoedown, before the cassette finishes with the massive vibe of the 19 minute closer “Paradise” …Even the birds get in on the act at some point and everyone goes home with the satisfaction of “being there”. Belgian (get) high weirdness at it’s finest.

Taping Policies

May 5, 2012

To celebrate the start of this blog Taping Policies just released a web only digital release of the piece I made for the “New Music For Old Instruments” festival in Antwerp that was curated by Jozef van Wissem. Go check it out on Taping Policies. It’s for free!!!

Thanks to Jef for the visuals and release! Thanks to Father Sloow for the use of his dreammachine!

Gaze into the light!


May 4, 2012


This is the the new place where you can find everything about Hellvete and related things.

If you feel like it, just drop by once in a while to see if I’m doing anything.