Gearing up for summer

May 28, 2015


First of all I want to thank everybody who came out and invited me to perform the last couple of months. It was a busy first half of the year and I had a real blast! Thanks for the support, the food, the drinks and the carpet.

Before I take  a small summer break, there are still two shows coming up. The first weekend of June I’ll be playing a solo set at the 4th edition of A Berry Feast in Vienna, hosted by Ulrich Roïs, who is also running the splendid Feathered Coyote Records label. The second weekend of June The Bow Aether Group (= Bow Ether Group + Simon Marius from MAAN) will make his debut at Het Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp, as part of the Oorstof 2015 concert serie hosted by the great people of Sound In Motion. Also on the bill that night is the brand new duo of Bart Sloow and Bram “Ignatz” Devens. That’s two debut shows for the price of one! So come out and get those holiday vibes running!

06/06/2015 – Hellvete, A Berry Feast, St-Pölten, (AT) (w/ Eric Arn, Torùn, …)
13/06/2015 – Bow Aether Group – Oorstof, Zuiderpershuis, A’pen (B) (w/ Louise Landes Levi, Panashiba, Hans Plomp, Gino Coomans+Gerard Herman+Kris Vanderstraeten)

May Action

May 15, 2015

Two shows coming up in May. First up is the second duo show with my good pal Simon Marius who will be rocking his Elka synth into the stratosphere on the Boskamp Festival in Antwerp. The day after I’m playing a solo set on the Moving Furniture Records label event in Utrecht where the new album by Zeno van den Broeck will be presented live to the audience. Hope to see you around!

23/05/2015 – Marius & Steenkiste – Boskamp, Het Bos, Antwerp (B) (w/ Floris Vanhoof, Winged Simians, Razen, Beyt Al Tapes, Megaphone Ensemble)

24/05/2015 – Hellvete – Moving Furniture Records Showcase, Vechtclub XL, Utrecht (NL) (w/ Orphax, Zeno van den Broek) (afternoon show)


In the meantime…

May 6, 2015



Ready For Spring

April 3, 2015


Two shows coming up in April. I’m very happy with the invitation by Gonzo Circus Magazine  to warm up for Mr. Terry Riley, Nayan Ghosh & Niti Ranjan Biswas on the World Minimal Music Festival 2015 in Amsterdam on April 10. And thanks a lot to Niels from KERM Records for inviting me to perform on the opening of the first “Biënnale van België” that is happening in Ghent on April 23. Really looking forward to both events! Drop in if you’re around!

10/04/2015 – Hellvete – WMMF 2015, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam (NL)
23/04/2015 – Hellvete – Biënnale Van België, In De Ruimte, Gent (B) (w/ Megaphone Ensemble, Gerard Herman, Floris Vanhoof)

MIXCLOUD MONDAY: World Minimal Music Festival by Gonzocircus on Mixcloud

End Of Winter

March 11, 2015

Spring is slowing moving in and to celebrate the end of winter I’m playing two shows in March.

First one up is a nice living room show at Huis André in Dilbeek. The sax-guitar duo tRAIN is warming up. Second & Subbacultcha invited me to play at the RIOT Art Gallery & Bookshop in Ghent for the TUMULTINGENT #3 festival.

Come by and drown Marzanna.

21/03/2015 – Hellvete – Huis André, Dilbeek (B) (w/ tRAIN) (20:30 pm sharp)
25/03/2015 – Hellvete – TUMULTINGENT #3, Art Gallery RIOT, Gent (B) (20pm sharp)

Marzanna_Slask session

January 28, 2015

pic by jeroen de wandel

Last Sunday invited me to play a live session for their weekly radio show on It was super cool to get the opportunity to play a 40 minute set live on the air. If you want to hear how it sounded, you check out the complete recording by clicking below. I hope you enjoy!

Icarus Live Session #35: Hellvete by Icarus Records on Mixcloud

Into 2015…

January 9, 2015

We managed to survive the holidays and are ready to dive into 2015. In January the González, Marius & Steenkiste trio are making their debut on stage to support the opening of the Cabinoire shop in Brussels. Three days later I’m playing a solo Hellvete show in a church in Ghent to celebrate the closing of the “Prise De Conscience” exhibition. And to close the month of January I’m playing a live radiosession for the people of Let’s get 2015 started!

15/01/2015 – González, Marius & Steenkiste – Nest, Brussels (B) (w/
zen.SE + vernissage “Kalulu Falls” by Claire Stragier)

18/01/2015 – Hellvete – Protestantse Kerk, Gent (B) (afternoon show! 16pm)
25/01/2015 – Hellvete – – live radio session (
(21pm CET)



I’m very happy to announce the release of the debut album by Bow Ether Group, my new band with Brecht Ameel from Razen. The tape is called “Weltmeister Pakrashi I” and is out on Feathered Coyote Records. Eternal thanks to Ulrich Rois for making this happen! If you’re into deep, organic drones played on harmonium and accordeon you can  preview and order the tape (chrome, dubbed in real time and download) by clicking below. Hope you dig it!

doos BEG tapes

Solar Devotion

November 5, 2014

Solar Devotion

For this compilation we asked each artist to contemplate on the Sun, our closest star, greatest deity and life-giver. No matter how human civilization was changing, the Sun has always been and remains a major focus of attention, even if we don’t realize it. This compilation is an anthem to sunlight in all its forms, it’s meditation and a ritual at the same time. Gratitude for our existence in this world.


released 04 November 2014
Artwork by Tim Six.
ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records || ПАN010

Together with my good friend Dachligt I made a brand new track called “Ligt De Dach” for the “Solar Devotion” compilation that just came out on the Russian ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label.

You can listen to the track on by clicking below or you can go the BandCamp page and get the CD-R for only $6. It also features brand new tracks by Bird People and Guenter Schlienz among others.

November Music

October 30, 2014

In November I’m playing a couple of solo shows in Germany, Holland and the land of Brussels. Super stoked to be opening up the Remote Hologram LP presentation by Razen in Brussels on Nov 23. The day before I’m playing an afternoon show in Utrecht.

But first we kick off with a show in Wiesbaden on Nov 8. Together with Least Carpet, we are opening the “Vor und hinter dem Spiegel Deiner Augen – Die postmoderne Psychedelik von Johannes Schebler” exhibition with works by Johannes Schelber. The day after I’m part of the closing event of the (h)ear XL II – Multimedia Sound Art Exhibition in Heerlen.

Drop by if you’re around…

08/11/2014 – Hellvete – Fragmente, Wiesbaden (DE) (w/ Least Carpet)
09/11/2014 – Hellvete – (h)ear XL II, Heerlen (NL) (w/ Ti Femme, J. v. d. Putten + C. Galarreta)
22/11/2014 – Hellvete – ‘Maar ‘s Zondags Niet’, Utrecht (NL) (free afternoon show w/ Machinist, Yedo Gibson)
23/11/2014 – Hellvete – Kapel Sint-Agathe-Berchem, Brussels (B) (free afternoon show w/ Razen, Rudi Velghe)



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