Gonzo Circus

July 9, 2014

Last month Stijn Buyst from Gonzo Circus came by with 11 songs as a guide line for an interview. You can read the result in the magazine’s July/August edition. Apperently I ended up on the cover of the magzine. Super weird, but the ego is satisfied. Happy to be in the good company of Ian Nagoski and Daniel Bach who also feature in the magzine. The magzine comes with a compilation that has an exclusive Hellvete track onit, called “Good Ol” Ritchie”. Available now from newsagents and record stores in Belgium and Holland. Or order it online here.


You can listen to the songs as a soundtrack to your reading here:

MIXCLOUD MONDAY: Luistertest Hellvete by Gonzocircus on Mixcloud

Gonzalez & Steenkiste - Dimly Lit - cover



(Fort Evil Fruit)

It has been quite some time since Ernesto and I put some energy captured on tape out there, so we both are particularly happy to share with you our new cassette album “Dimly Lit”. Its sound is a bit more sombre, tragic even, but not straying too far away from the inherent warmth of our music. Recorded under the dim light of the Smokey Room in Sint Denijs, these four improvised pieces speak of the uncertain paths we take in this cycle of our existence, like walking through fog or dark corridors, casting strange shadows in our hearts and minds. We must never lose hope in the light that is within us, no matter how faint. Magnificent artwork by Christian Schoppik, edition of 100 copies, contact Fort Evil Fruit to order!

“Though their acoustic drone is transcendental in intent, this is very physical music, achieved by constant motion – wheezing harmonium bellows, resinous violin bowing and rattling prayer bowls. The duo’s musicality and attention to tone, texture and pace make for a richly colourful listen that sounds different on every spin. Drone that’s more likely to get you punching the air than nodding off.” (Fort Evil Fruit)


May 28, 2014

140610 - Hellvete - stadslimiet

Thanks to Sietse Van Erve for inviting me (and posting these vids) and the whole SOTU festival crew and crowd for the nice experience!

Easter Eggs

April 14, 2014

Hellvete will be celebrating Easter with 2 shows:

19/04/2014 – Hellvete – Wool-E-Shop, Sint-Amandsberg (B) (w/ ELEMENTS, Krystoff Dorion, Stin Scatzor)
20/04/2014 – Hellvete – SOTUfestival, Amsterdam (NL) (w/ Leo Svirsky, Ti Femme)

Both shows are afternoon gigs. The show at Wool-E-Shop starts at 18h, the one at SOTUfestival starts at 16h at The Budapest venue.

Hellvete – Ode

March 1, 2014

Super happy to announce that the new Hellvete album, titled “Ode”, is out now on Deep Distance.

Many thanks to Dom for making this happen and to Ivan for the gorgeous artwork.

Eternal love to Evy for standing the day in and day out rumble coming out of the Sint-Denijs HQ.

Hellvete – “Ode”

Deep Distance is releasing the new LP from Glen Steenkiste‘s HELLVETE project. Arguably best known as one of the founding members of Belgian collective; the incredible Sylvester Anfang and it‘s SAII recent incarnation. “Ode“ is his third LP following previous, always amazing, sold out cassettes, cdrs and wax on labels as diverse as Kraak, Sloow Tapes, Funeral Folk, Blackest Rainbow and SicSic tapes to name but a few.

“Ode“ continues Glen‘s recent slant towards longer compositional pieces with 2 sidelong drones, which in his own words “document the ongoing search for sustained notes, flickering overtones and blissful environments”.

Recorded prior to his last LP “ Sint-Denijs” in 2011 and is “in praise to all things that bring and inspire great joy. A quest for focus in an impulse overloaded age. Like a weaver combining all the yarns into one delicate woven lace”.

A beautiful LP on both the ear and the eye- wonderful sleeve art and an edition of 300 only on ultra clear vinyl. Expected to move fast, as per previous output for label and artist.

Order: Deep Distance

You can now grab the latest episode of the “Droomharmonium” saga from SoundCloud.

February shows

February 4, 2014


Hi folks,

two shows are coming up in February. If you’re around and you want to make room for head space. Turn on! Tune in! Dream out!

- 22/02/2014 – Hellvete – Recyclart (@ Studio Marcel), Brussels (B) (“Rajasthan Street Sounds” (Sublime Frequencies) release party w/ Ali Kawa Brothers) (Powered by Rebel Up Soundclash)

- 27/02/2014 – Hellvete – @Cinépalace, Kortrijk (B) (w/ Marteleur, Helved Rüm)

Check out this great song from the “Rajasthan Street Sounds” 2lp – Out soon on Sublime Frequencies.

Some footage from the Gonzalez & Steenkiste show at the Sign Of 4 event at OffOffCinema made by Patrick Baele.

hellvete - tor press

Hellvete / Jake Blanchard

Split Cassette

Hellvete is Glen Steenkiste (Gonzalez & Steenkiste, Sylvester Anfang), here we have 3 distinctly different tracks, ranging from delicate percussion, zoned out drones and banjo plucking. It’s impossible not to get lost in this music, long tracks of sustained drones with subtle textures and layers building and fading.

This is the second release from Jake after his debut on Feathered Coyote. Often using hand made instruments Jake weaves blissful drones with primitve rhythm and melody at times harmonious and euphoric giving way to distorted and dissonant.

Limited to only 75 copies with artwork by Jake Blanchard on pro-dubbed cassettes.
Order: http://www.torpress.co.uk/HellveteJake.html


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